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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q12

A company has client computers that run Windows 8.1. File History is on. An employee downloads data to a folder on drive D named Archives.
You need to ensure that the user can restore files from the Archives folder by using File History. 
What should you do?

A. Configure the File History advanced settings to include the Archives folder.
B. From the File History configuration options, change the drive and select the Archives folder.
C. Create a library named History and add the Archives folder to the library.
D. Move the Archives folder into the Windows system folder.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: What is File History?
File History is a backup application that continuously protects your personal files stored in Libraries, Desk¬top, Favorites, and Contacts folders. It periodically (by default every hour) scans the file system for changes and copies changed files to another location. Every time any of your personal files has changed, its copy will be stored on a dedicated, external storage device selected by you. Over time, File History builds a complete history of changes made to any personal file. in- windows-8.aspx
A New Way to Backup: File History in Windows 8
You have a portable computer that runs Windows 8.1. You are creating a backup plan.
File History is a new feature in Windows 8 that helps to ensure that your personal files are safe. In addi- tion to being a backup solution, File History also provides the capability to restore multiple backup copies (versions) of your files. File history in Windows 8 is easy to setup, powerful, and reliable. This means you can have more confidence when working with files, and also keep less redundant copies around for your own personal “data history”. You can easily configure File History to protect some or all of the files that are in your libraries on Windows 8. You can add folders to your libraries easily in Windows 8, giving you the ability to use File History with any group of folders and files that you choose.


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