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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q17

A company has client computers that run Windows 8.1. Each employee has one client computer at the office. Some employees also have personal computers at home.
The company has applications that run only on Windows 8.1.
You need to deploy Windows To Go so that employees can run the applications on their home computers.
Which two command-line tools should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. isoburn
B. BdeHdCfg
C. ImageX
D. bcd boot

Correct Answer: CD

If you get DISM as an additional option in this question, I would select DISM. DISM is already integrated in the Windows 8.1 OS and it is the newer feature than ImageX. To use ImageX we have to install Windows 8.1 AIK first.


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