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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q3

A company has client computers that run Windows 8.1. The corporate network is configured for IPv4 and IPv6.
You need to disable Media Sensing for IPv6 on the client computers without affecting IPv4 communications. What should you do on each client computer?

A. Run the Disable-NetAdapterBinding Windows PowerShell cmdlet.
B. Run the Disable-NetAdapter Windows PowerShell cmdlet.
C. Run the Set-NetlPv6Protocol Windows PowerShell cmdlet.
D. Run the Set-NetlPv4Protocol Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation/Reference: Set-NetIPv6Protocol
Set-NetIPv6Protocol -DhcpMediaSense
Specifies a value for Media Sense. The cmdlet modifies the value for this setting.
Media Sense provides a mechanism for the network adapter to notify the protocol stack of media connect and disconnect events. These events trigger the DHCP client to take an action, such as attempting to re¬new a DHCP lease or removing routes that are related to a disconnected network. When Media Sense is enabled, the network parameters on the laptop of a roaming user are automatically and transparently up¬dated without requiring a restart when the user moves from one location to another. The acceptable val¬ues for this parameter are:
— Enabled — Disabled
The default value is Enabled.
Further information: Disable-NetAdapterBinding
The Disable-NetAdapterBinding cmdlet disables a binding to a network adapter. Running this cmdlet causes loss of network connectivity depending on the binding that is disabled. Note: Disabling some adapter bindings can automatically enable other network adapter bindings.
The Disable-NetAdapter cmdlet disables a network adapter. A network adapter must be enabled to con¬nect to a network. This cmdlet causes loss of network connectivity of the specified network adapter. Note: Do not disable the network adapter being used to manage a remote computer. By default the user will be prompted to confirm the network adapter should be disabled Set-NetlPv4Protocol Is not a valid cmdlet.

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