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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q39

You update the video card driver on a computer that runs Windows 8.1. You can no longer configure the display settings to extend the display to a projector. You need to restore the display options as quickly as possible and retain all user data. What should you do?

A. Roll back the video card driver to the previous version.
B. Run the DisplaySwitch/extend command.
C. Run the sic /scannow command.
D. Start the computer from the Windows 8.1 installation media and perform a system image recovery.

Correct Answer: A

Rolling back the driver is the simplest and fastest solution.


Further Information:
The DisplaySwitch /extend command might not work is the driver is broken. The sfc /scannow command checks system files for consistency.
And a system image recovery will affect the user data.

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