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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q62

You are employed as an administrator at The network is made up of an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain, named
All workstations on the network, including laptops, have Windows 8.1 installed.
Your users have just been issued new laptops for use outside the office.
These users currently log in to their desktop workstations using a Windows domain account.
They would like their laptops to be set up exactly like their desktop workstations.
Which of the following would easily allow them to achieve this?

A. Transfer the user settings with the File and Transfer wizard
B. Windows Easy Transfer
C. Migrate the user profiles with USMT
D. Link the Windows domain accounts to a Windows Live ID.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Signing in with an ID allows you to:
Associate the most commonly used Windows settings with your user account. Saved settings are available when you sign in to your account on any Windows 8.1 PC. Your PC will be set up just the way you are used to!
Easily reacquire your Metro style apps on multiple Windows 8.1 PCs. The app’s settings and last-used state Persist across all your Windows 8.1 PCs.
Save sign-in credentials for the different apps and websites you use and easily get back into them without having to enter credentials every time.
Automatically sign in to apps and services that use Windows Live ID for authentication. http:// Connect your Microsoft account to your domain account
You can connect your Microsoft account to your domain account and sync your settings and preferences between them. For example, if you use a domain account in the workplace, you can connect your Microsoft account to it and see the same desktop background, app settings, browser history and favorites, and other Microsoft account settings that you see on your home PC. You’ll also be able to use Microsoft account services from your domain PC without signing in to them individually.

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