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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q65

A company has 10 client computers that run Windows 8.1. Employees log on to resources by using multiple accounts.
You need to back up the user name and password for each logon account. What should you do on each client computer?

A. Back up each user’s Personal Information Exchange PKCS #12 (.pfx) certificate.
B. Use Credential Manager to save the information to a USB flash drive.
C. Use File History to back up the ntuser.dat file.
D. Run the Export-Certificate Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Correct Answer: B

Explanation: Credential Manager – Where Windows Stores Passwords & Login Details

What is the Credential Manager?
Credential Manager is the “digital locker” where Windows stores log-in credentials (username, password, etc.) for other computers on your network, servers or Internet locations such as websites.

Windows 8 adds one more type of credentials called Web Credentials. As the name implies, such creden- tials are used by Internet Explorer to automatically log you into certain websites.

65-1 How to Backup and Restore Windows Vault Passwords

One way to use the Credential Manager is to export your Windows credentials to another Windows com- puter, or to back them up and import them after you reinstall Windows, so that you don’t have to manually type them again.

Backup Your Windows User Names and Passwords
Open the Credential Manager. Under the Windows Vault look for the “Back up vault” link and click on it.
This starts the Stored User Names and Passwords wizard.


You are asked to select where you want to backup the Windows credentials stored on your computer. Click on Browse, select the folder and type the name of the file where the data will be stored. Then, click Next.

This procedure has been tested both on Windows 7 and Windows 8. In Windows 8, there are some minor differences but it all works the same.

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