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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q77

You administer computers in your company network. All computers in the network belong to a single Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain. The network includes Windows Server 2012 servers located in a perimeter network.

You add a new Windows 8.1 computer to the perimeter network. You enable only Remote Desktop access to the Windows 8.1 computer from other computers located outside the perimeter network.

You need to use the Windows 8.1 computer to manage the Windows servers in the perimeter network.

What should you do?

A. Add the Windows 8.1 computer as a Trusted Host to the servers.
B. Enable PowerShell Remoting on the Windows 8.1 computer.
C. Add the Windows 8.1 computer as a Trusted Host to computers outside the perimeter network.
D. Install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8.1 (RSAT) on the Windows 8.1 computer.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 enables IT administrators to manage roles and fea- tures that are installed on computers that are running Windows Server 2012 from a remote computer that is running Windows 8.
Further Information: Perimeter networks

A perimeter network is the network closest to a router that is not under your control. Usually a perimeter network is the final step a packet takes traversing one of your networks on its way to the internet; and conversely the first network encountered by incoming traffic from the Internet. Most administrators create perimeter networks in order to place their firewall in between them and the outside world so that they can filter packet traffic. Most perimeter networks are part of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) if they exist at all. However, perimeter networks have some additional utilities that you might want to consider when decid- ing where to place systems and services.

The Enable-PSRemoting cmdlet configures the computer to receive Windows PowerShell remote com- mands that are sent by using the WS-Management technology.

On Windows Server® 2012, Windows PowerShell remoting is enabled by default. You can use En- able-PSRemoting to enable Windows PowerShell remoting on other supported versions of Windows and to re-enable remoting on Windows Server 2012 if it becomes disabled.

You need to run this command only once on each computer that will receive commands. You do not need to run it on computers that only send commands. Because the configuration activates listeners, it is pru- dent to run it only where it is needed.
Enable and Use Remote Commands in Windows PowerShell

The Windows PowerShell remoting features are supported by the WS-Management protocol and the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service that implements WS-Management in Windows.

In many cases, you will be able to work with remote computers in other domains. However, if the remote computer is not in a trusted domain, the remote computer might not be able to authenticate your creden- tials. To enable authentication, you need to add the remote computer to the list of trusted hosts for the lo- cal computer in WinRM.

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