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70-687 Configuring Windows 8.1 – sample exam – Q8

A company has client computers that run Windows 8.1. The company uses Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption with the data-only option o all client computers.
You delete a file containing highly confidential information from your computer.
You need to clear the free space on the hard drive to minimize the chance of the confidential information being recovered.
Which command should you run on the client computer?

A. manage-bde w
B. chkdsk/spotfix
C. diskpart clean
D. BdeHdCfg -target c: shrink

Correct Answer: A

Explanation: .aspx
Manage-bde: WipeFreeSpace Syntax:
manage-bde WipeFreeSpace|-w [] [-Cancel] [-computername ] [{-?|/?}] [{-help|-h}]
Wipes the free space on the volume removing any data fragments that may have existed in the space. Running this command on a volume that was encrypted using the “Used Space Only” encryption method provides the same level of protection as the “Full Volume Encryption” encryption method.
The following example illustrates using the -w command to create wipe the free space on drive C. manage-bde -w C:
Further information: Chkdsk
chkdsk [[[]]] [/f] [/v] [/r] [/x] [/i] [/c] [/l[:]] [/b] Clean
The Diskpart Clean command removes any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk with focus. Bdehdcfg
Prepares a hard drive with the partitions necessary for BitLocker Drive Encryption.

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